They come from neighboring grounds; some of them, sedentary Gypsies, converge to this site to ask for advice, get their mail or fill out administrative forms. Some lend themselves willingly to a photo portrait session; others refuse, but later come back with their family; a few refuse to have their picture taken.The studio is enclosed, cut off from the world, plunged into semi-darkness; those who enter for the first time often feel a strange sensation. The choice of an enclosed space to meet with the Roms out and away from their open environment is deliberate. When they enter my confined universe, they are unknown to me; I have never met them before.Although the place is unfamiliar and even hostile to some of them and no other choice is offered them where to stand except a preset mark on the ground, a certain fascination develops gradually with which they play. In the end, neither one of us has real power over the result but for a few strings that both try to fiddle in trying to erase stubborn biases and approach a certain reality.

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